To be able to serve foreign clients properly in a small market like Iceland the key is to be INDEPENDENT, i.e. not to large in the domestic market and therefore avoiding conflict issues.


General Areas of Practice Include:

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute resolution is the firm´s strong focus. We represent businesses on litigation, arbitration, regulatory and mediation matters. We provide a full and comprehensive service and have dealt with many  complex problems generated by the collapse of the banking system in Iceland in 2008.  Our team  comprises experienced advisors & litigators, enabling us to represent clients effectively in the most difficult and sophisticated disputes.

Our aim is to resolve disputes as quickly and effectively  as possible, in order to minimize disruption and cost  for business.


Corporate & Commercial Disputes

We serve large and small, domestic and international companies in Iceland. Business issues often encompass multiple areas of law and we have a broad experience in the field of commercial and company law disputes.

Bankruptcy Law advice & Litigation

We have a strong legal, technical understanding of this field. We have assisted private and public companies, software manufacturers and telecom companies.

Banking, Finance & Securities Disputes 

We represent international clients  in litigation and dispute resolution involving various         financial matters.  

Corporate Disputes & Corporate Governance

Our work involves handling  corporate disputes  of different nature such as breach of contract, disputes over the proper construction and interpretation of agreements, shareholder disputes, disputes over joint ventures, and post-mergers and acquisitions disputes. In addition, we regularly advise on corporate governance related litigation, for example shareholder activism battles, disputes on public take-over bids and squeeze-out procedures. 

Intellectual advice & Litigation.

It takes  expertise to protect intellectual property rights in a competitive world.

We have been on the frontline in working with intellectual property rights for many years.

Our litigation team has represented many right holders e.g. The Business Software Alliance to eliminate software piracy,  STEF (the  Performing Rights Society of Iceland) and SMAIS (the Association of film rights-holder in Iceland) to impede illegal distribution of copyrighted material on the Internet and International companies to  parallel imports, to name a few.


Real Estate Law

Real Estate law and related activities such as construction, development and zoning laws is an area where we are experienced in. In our real estate practice we represent  developers, contractors, commercial owners, tenants, investors, lenders, and businesses in the acquisition, use, development, construction, financing, sale and or leasing of real property